Saying ‘yes’ to quality trading

Established by an experienced team of finance professionals, YesOption is an industry leader in the field of online trading platforms. YesOption’s advanced pricing algorithms enables it to offer the highest returns in the Binary Options industry. At YesOption, we provide our traders with competitive spreads, which ensures they continually maximize their potential profits in all markets.

YesOption’s top priority is to ensure the safety, privacy and security of its traders. As such, we rely solely on the most dependable and trusted technologies, ensuring the welfare and privacy of our traders.

Custom made platform

Trading Platform

At YesOption we offer an advanced yet simple and lucrative trading platform. Our user-friendly
platform was designed in house with the intent to provide the most advanced trading experience
to ensure our traders’ success.

At YesOption, each trader is unique. We provide diverse trading tools to suite a vast scale of traders
including Heat Maps, High Quality Signals, Economic Calendar and Fibonacci Calculator.

YesOption’s platform provides the best trading environment possible for all levels of traders.
At YesOption anyone can succeed, from beginner to advanced.

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Professional guidance

The team behind YesOption has extensive experience in high level risk management and strategic planning creation.
YesOption’s team of experts work around the clock to ensure our traders receive the best trading experience possible with minimum risk and maximum profit.

Each and every YesOption trader is assigned with a professional account manager. Our account managers are world-class trading experts and are available
24/7 to train and guide traders throughout their trading career.

Trading Academy

Trading Academy

As they say, knowledge equals power. But as we say at YesOption, knowledge equals profit.
YesOption believes that the more you know about trading the markets the more successful a trader you will become.

To help each trader get to the top, we have assembled a comprehensive trading academy.
YesOption’s trading academy provides its traders with an unlimited amount of updated learning materials,
all designed to improve their trading skills and ensure their success.

In our trading academy you can find eBooks on many different topics, gain access to weekly webinars,
receive tutorials on a variety of subjects, receive step by step guides and much more.