Facebook, Apple and SNAP:

Trade The Earning Reports
Of Wall Street’s Sexiest Stocks!

What an exciting week to be a trader! Not one, not two, but three quarterly earning reports
of Wall Street’s most famous and popular stocks.

Bullish Outlook: Facebook (November 1)

  • The stock is already up 54% on the year
  • Increasing advertising revenue through both Facebook and Instagram platforms
  • Strong projected long-term growth
  • Market expectations for another big beat for the current quarter

Bullish Outlook: Apple (November 2)

  • Apple’s stock is up 35.4% on the year
  • Report expected to include a boost from iPhone 8 and 8 Plus sales
  • An excellent track record, better than expected profits in each of the last five quarters
  • Market expects a good quarter, stock to move higher following the report

Bearish Outlook: SNAP (November 7)

  • Shares of Snap have fallen approximately 36% year-to-date
  • The app’s young demographics makes revenue-generating more difficult
  • The last earnings results have resulted in negative reactions
  • Forecasts that show losses narrowing only modestly across the next fiscal year

Are Facebook and Apple headed for blowout earnings? Will Snap continue to plummet?
Trade now and take advantage ahead of significant potential moves for Facebook, Apple, SNAP and the Dow.
Make this week your trading week! Contact your account manager today to trade with maximum benefits.

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