Binary options are one of the most profitable simplest ways to trade the market today.

While trading binary options a trader predicts whether the value of an asset’s is going to rise or drop in a set time frame. The time frame can change from a few minutes up to a few months and is set in advance.

How easy is it?What Are Binary Options?

Unlike other trading methods used on the market, a binary options trader do not need to worry about losing more than his stakes. Binary options trading has no speculations; the moment you place your trade you know exactly how much you stand to gain or lose which makes your risk very limited.

Can you profit from it?

The good news is- the amount you profit is up to you. The even better news is that all you need to do to increase your profits is to know the market.

By understanding the market your skills improve and your profits follow. Binary options are reactive to market fluctuations and therefore if you know the market you can predict it and make intelligent trades.

How is it done?

As implied from the word binary which stands for duality, there are only two possible outcomes in binary options. Traders therefore have only two investment options to choose between and predict.
The first possibility is called “CALL”- The prediction that an asset will rise.arrows_image_130x178
The second possibility is called “PUT”- The prediction that an asset will fall.
Choosing the CALL button means that you estimate that an asset’s value is going to rise in a set time frame.
Choosing the PUT button on the other hand, means the you estimate that the value will fall during the set time frame. Simple right?

What makes binary options so attractive?

Traders tend to choose binary options mainly due the fact that it is simple to trade, safe and rewarding.
Many traders find the possibility to know in advance exactly how much they can profit from every trade, very attractive.
In Binary options there are hardly any speculations or uncertainty which quickly made this method one of the top in the market day.

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How to trade?

1. As implied by the word ‘binary’, Binary Options trading has only two possible outcomes:
The first possibility is the prediction that an asset’s price will rise. This option is called “CALL”.
The second possibility is the prediction that an asset’s price will fall. This option is called “PUT”.

If you believe that an asset’s value is going to rise within the set time frame, all you need to do is choose the CALL button.
On the other hand, if you believe that the asset’s value will fall during the set time, all you need to do is choose the PUT button.

Remember: The more familiar you are with an asset, the more accurate your estimations can be, therefore raising your chances to profit.

2. After you’ve chosen an asset and have decided what your prediction is, choose your time frame and the amount you wish to trade.
At this stage the exact amount of your possible return on the option will be visible.

3. Execute your trade: press BUY and that’s it- you have invested in a Binary Option.
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Trading Signals

With so many opportunities to profit throughout a trading day, it is difficult for even the very best traders to keep an eye on all the action.
YesOption understands that in today’s fast paced lifestyle, there is a distinct need for a quality signals service to assist.
traders in making the right trading decisions. YesOption’s market leading win rate signals service alerts traders when and where the best trading opportunities arise, before they happen.
The signals are displayed on the YesOption website as a personal message and can be seen after you are logged in to your account.

What Are The YesOption Signals?

A YesOption trade signal will provide an exact recommendation for a binary option trade. The following information is provided:

  • The CALL or PUT direction of a trade
  • The Asset to trade
  • The Expiry time of the option

How Do You Use the YesOption Signals?

Once the signal has been sent, you have approximately 5 minutes to make the trade. If within these 5 minutes you have not entered a trade, it is strongly
recommended not to trade this signal. If you wish to trade the signal within the 5 minutes, you should enter the position with the stated direction and
always specify the expiry rate as close as possible to the expiry time as seen in the signal.

What Expiry Times Are Used?

Typically the YesOption signals sent will be for 30 minute and 1 hour options.

When Are The Signals Sent?

There are no set times for the signals to be sent. However, the majority of the signals will be sent between 7am GMT and 7pm GMT.
Some days, trading may be considered too risky. On such days, the number of signals will be reduced or in rare cases, no signals will be sent out at all.

How Many Signals Will Be Sent?

There is no set number of signals being sent daily. On average, around 6 signals will be sent on a daily basis.

Which Assets Are Signals Sent on?

Although signals can be sent on all the assets offered by YesOption, the majority of signals will be sent on the 25 most liquid and popular assets
made up of currency pairs, stocks, commodities and indices.

How Are The Signals Sent?

The signals are sent directly to your registered email address, to your SMS and published on the website, viewable when you are logged in.

What Are The Risks?

Binary Options trading carries a high level of risk and you should be fully aware of the risks involved before making a trade.

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